Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tribute to True Friends Comfort

Trapped in the lonely  path
you came to show me the way..
Life filled with darkness
you showed me rainbow and ray
Oh how I didn't remember
what it was to smile and play...

Filled with anxiety and distress
you brought joy and mirth this day...
The bleaky rain tore my heart
you mended and bended rule heresay...
Oh how I didn't remember
what it was to turn away...

Caught with my own sorrow
now I can see the bright side this way...
Held me close in ur arm
you said precious is the way stay right there...
There is a better tomorrow
you need not feel discouraged...

I know now what I wanted
you pleaded no more me to change...
Stay in that phase forever you said
He would love you the best even at your worst...
Waiting around the corner somewhere
just destiny is about to cross both of your way...

Till then I found you my friend
sharing my trouble and pain...
Comfort that I seek
find in you deep within...
A string that joins us both
oh but nothing to judge behold..

Now I believe when you say that
You made me see my real self ...
Oh dear you don't know
ought I do without you..
Gazing at the star with me
forever happily after we dream!!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

LoNeLy NiGhTs...

Smile that refuses to reach her eyes,
Life.. She paid heavy price.
Tears that helped little to hide her fear,
Scarred her.. no longer let anyone near..    

Cruelty kept weaving its ploy,
Still she held on to her coy.
She went on keeping her spirits high,
All a sham.. oh how Naive.
She kept longing for happiness,
Wide spread wings were of loneliness..

Slept dreaming about beds of roses,
eyes fluttered open piercing thorn oozes
Scared of disdain nights,
still brought dismayed fright..

Stretched out her hands to hold,
untold stories possessed heart behold.
Craving for love turning to dust,
Oh.. they breached her trust.
Follows now nightmare where sorrows drown,
Forlorn the broken heart frowns..

Aching for the unfulfilled dreams for long,
deaf hears the incomplete note of her song.
Irony is fate of her life,
She still claimed no matter what that life is MINE!!