Wednesday, May 2, 2012

MY Life.. My Scar

Can't you see through what I've been,
Life is not how it seem.
Dreams come crashing down...
Tears trickle rolling on.
Its so cruel...
My world being so cruel.

The smiling face lost its charm.
Glowing grace feel so scar...
Reality struck me hard...
Difficult is the path.

Every minute you spent with me,
Warmth you shared with me...
Comfort has been lost,
Love for which we fought.
You were everything to me.
How could you not really see.
We were just driftin apart.. Going so apart.

We could've fitted in,
Managed to settle in.
I looked out everywhere for you...
But you were not by my side.. you were not beside.

Can life be so mean snitch...
Took happiness without flinch.
I screamed out in pain,
Was left alone in rain.
You walked oblivious on the path...
Didn't stop me going so far.

You gave in to fate..
But I still couldn't hate.
You were the world to me.
Life revolved around you see.
Now I've nowhere to seek.
I'm feelin so lost.. Life looks so gross.

Why can't you just hold my hand..
Take me in your arm
and say we would be strong
to face together what comes along.

This is irony of my life..
Have you but not call you mine..
A brief encounter I still crave
memories I will treasure till grave..
Smile on my face not reach my eyes..
Waiting for you on the lonely street.. I still gaze.